LED Video Wall - the high-end large format display (LFD) solution

For a long time, LCD video wall has dominated the large format  video display market. It is still an option for low-end video wall projects, but due to the limitation of its performance (low brightness and inconsistent image quality) and bezels in the picture, more and more customers are considering seamless LED video wall solution.  

LED direct view video wall was deemed as a very expensive option a few years ago. Even though people understand that LED direct view video wall provides better brightness, better picture quality (no bezel inside the picture), and better color reproduction, but due to the high cost,  only a few customers can afford it. The situation has now changed , when the price of  LED display was significantly reduced, especially for these large size LED display products.

We provide different structural designs based on customer's installation site condition and specification requirements. In general, we provide different pixel pitch levels in different sizes and formats. Our technical specialist will go through multiple steps to identify your business requirements. Our project based approach will help our customers to get the best return on the investment.  

Most commonly selected LED pixel pitches:

Ultra high pixel density, ultra-high resolution:

P0.9 -- P1.8 mm pixel pitch LED display. These type of products are typically used high-end applications, such as command center and TV studios etc.

High density and high resolution:

P2.0 -- P2.9 mm pixel pitch LED modules, provides very high density per square meter LED pixels. Great for smaller size video wall, or high resolution requirement applications, such as TV studio, smaller sports bars etc

Medium density video wall:

P3 - P4 mm pixel pitch LED modules are good for medium sized video wall applications. Shopping mall and recreation centers are good examples of using this level of pixel pitches. 

Entry level, low density, high brightness:

P5, P6 - P10 mm pixel pitch LED modules, very cost effective solution for large size LED video walls. Conference and exhibition centres, Sports venues and some public facilities are good candidates for using this level of pixel pitches. 

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