1. Customized billboard for businesses

The small to medium sized LED billboards presents an additional value to the business marketing. Many business owners are leveraging the marketing investment into another revenue generator. Smaller LED billboard on your property can not only enhance your own marketing efforts, but also provides you a tool to generate revenue from helping your neighbours to publish their advertising on your board. Sizes such as 10'x6', 15'x9' or 22'x10' can be a very cost effective way to accomplish that purpose.

Check with our solution advisors and see how we can help you in building a small billboard solution for your business.  Our packaged solutions are based on proven real project experiences.  

2.School LED message center

Above image is a double-sided 4'x 8'  LED message center (10 mm pixel pitch), Outdoor application at the Wellington Secondary School in Nanaimo, BC.

School message centers play a key role in the daily school administrative work. It provides a most efficient way of broadcasting important messages to students and parents. Typical standard LED message center sizes for schools: 

  • Small: 2'x4'

  • Medium: 3'x6'

  • Large: 4'x8' or 5'x10'

Customized sizes are also available upon request.  Please check with us for availability. School customers are eligible to for our educational price. Phone: (604) 285-5010.   Email: sales@leaderled.ca

3. LED video wall for film studios

LED video wall technology is now widely adopted for virtual production by filming industry. The advancement in modern CG technologies, such as Unreal Engine, the Unity game engine, real-time rendering, advanced sensor system etc., plus an immersive LED video wall VFX stage, makes the new generation of virtual production so attractive to the film studios and production companies.  

Leader LED display solutions has a dedicated team of LED display technicians and project managers in BC. Being in the LED display service business for more than 10 years, Our team has solid knowledge and experiences in mastering LED display technologies. With the close support from our top level LED display manufacturing vendors/partners, We can help you to build a fully customized LED video wall filming set in a very efficient and cost-effective way, plus localized 24x7 technical support. Contact us for details. sales@leaderled.ca

4. Electronic message centers for public    

LED message centers are playing a more and more important role in today's public services for municipalities of all sizes. It provides a most direct and efficient communication channel to the public, especially amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Leader LED message centers are centrally managed through a secure Cloud-based content server. The administrator of the message centers ( for both indoor and outdoor systems) can manage all terminals installed at different locations very conveniently in the office or at home. Both text and graphic contents are supported on our systems. You can choose to instant publish your content or use scheduling functions. Message centres can be scheduled to be turned on and off at certain times.   

5. Visualized message centre admin consolidation

It is very common that many schools, universities or research institutes installed different types of electronic message boards throughout their campus. These message boards may be introduced by different vendors, and the backend content management systems are all isolated and presented challenges to the content administration work.. Leader LED display solutions offers "message centre admin consolidation" solutions to mitigate this type of issues. Our solution provides an unified user interface to the content administrators and can greatly simplify the day to day content management. 

Why choose Leader's LED message center

1) Cost effective solution

No need to build your own content server. This will help to significantly reduce the cost for your EMC projects.  Our Cloud-based content server is securely hosted by the Amazon AWS.

2) Easy to operate

Cloud-based content management portal, securely manage content from anywhere with a Internet connection

3-step content publishing (15 minutes training)

Secure user management

3) Support both text and image content

Support both static and scrolling text messages. Support both static and video image files, such as jpg, png, dmp and mp4, avi, mov etc.

4) Brightness control by sensor and time-table

Support senor-based or timetable based brightness schedule to reduce the environmental impact. Scheduled sleep/wake-up mode. 

5) Dual sides maintenance service

The front and rear sideservice feature enables very flexible installation arrangement, such as wall-mount and double-sided. 

6) Optional Poly-carbonate protection cover 

To protect the screen from vandalism

7) Fully certified solution

ETL and FCC certified product. IP65 outdoor rating. 

8) One-stop shop service

We will help to get the LED message center up and running and handle all aspect of the project needs for you. Ongoing support and services are also covered by the Leader LED directly. Our 9x5 Phone support is also available for customer to ask questions about the sign operations. 

Note: Content editing and graphic design services are not included in the warranty services.