Cloud based LED Poster is an ideal solution for customers who need to broadcast dynamic content on eye-catching high brightness full color LED panels. This product line provides best price/performance to the sign industry, as the LED Poster takes the most simplest form factor but still keep all the features of other type of LED display products. There are 10 models available to suit for different needs in sizes and formats. Installation is extremely easy, and content can be managed either locally or through Internet portal. 

Indoor Poster Models:

  • LI-P5  60" x 41" P5 Full Color
  • LI-P4  60" x 41" P4 Full Color
  • MI-P5  41" x 22" P5 Full Color
  • MI-P4  41" x 22" P4 Full Color
  • SI-P3  34" X 22" P3 Full Color
  • SI-P4  34" x 22" P4 Full Color
  • OS-P3  34" x 13" P3 Full Color
  • OS-P4  34" x 13" P4 Full Color

Outdoor Poster Model:

  • LO -P3.91 60"x30" P3.91 Full Color
  • LO -P4.81 60"x30" P4.81 Full Color

Outdoor solution is IP65 rated, with a brightness level of 5500 nits. 

Outdoor double sided LED Poster is ideal for storefront and parking lot sign. The high resolution and high brightness feature makes it very effective for showing advertising images.

The installation is very simple, all it needs is a 5 inch standard light pole. Total weight is 350 pounds.

Brightness >5500 nits

Max power 700watt

Average Power: 250~300 watt

Pixel pitch: P3.91/P4.81

See below dimensional diagram for details.

Model LI P4/P5

Model MI-P4/P5

Model SI-P3/P4

Model OS-P3/P4

These indoor Cloud based LED Posters can be used in many different occasions. Using it as a window poster, a dynamic open-sign, or off-the ceiling posters etc. Compare to LCD display monitors, LED posters provide much better brightness ( 3~4 times more brighter) and natural color reproduction (14 bit color depth). This will greatly enhance the image quality, and in turn to generate more impressions from your customers.

Click to download product specification sheets:

1) Indoor OS/SI Open Signs

2) Indoor MI/LI Series Posters

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