1. Indoor LED Video Wall 

Seamless direct-view LED video wall. Complete customized solution in terms of size and format. Whether it's a flat or curved, wall mount or hanging from the ceiling, the flexibility of the modular LED direct-view video walls provide stunning visual impact to your audiences. The 800~1500 NITS brightness level makes this type of video wall virtually the only option for many business applications. 

LED Video wall is ideal for :

  • Shopping Malls
  • Sports bar and restaurants
  • Wedding reception Halls
  • Car dealerships
  • Banquet halls
  • Conference Centers
  • Gyms

The addition of a video wall to your facility will not only enhance the excitement of the atmosphere with its impressive size , it will also attract new customers and greatly add to your existing customers experience.

There are many options available for the pixel pitch levels, such as P1.8, P2, P2.5, P3, P4 and P5. Check with our solution specialist for details. 

Click here to download Video Wall quote request form.

2. Outdoor LED Billboard (DOOH)

Outdoor LED billboards are increasingly popular these days. We have all seen them, those massive LED billboards on the Highway, bridges and over passes etc. These eye-catching LED billboards that somehow capture your attention with seemingly no effort. Leader Cloud-based LED Billboard solutions offer you the latest LED display technology that produces a brilliant yet clear viewer impact. The full-colour LED panels ensure easy to read in all lighting environments from low light cloudy days to the brightest sunny days. 

Traditional Static billboard advertising is less effective, offering the same ad day in and day out with limited revenue generation. Our outdoor LED billboards on the other hands make the multiple contents displayed on the boards in loops. It is definitely a more effective and efficient way of delivering ad to the viewers. 

LED billboard planning and design are project specific, please contact Leader LED sales rep for further details about our packaged deals. (sales@leaderled.ca)

3. Fully Customized outdoor LED message centre

Looking to revamp your pylon? How about getting an eye catching, highly visible LED message centre.  It will attract more attention, and more attention equals new customers and increased revenue. 

Common sizes that we offer:

4'x 2', 6'x3', 8'x4', 10'x5', 12'x6' single sided or double sided.

We offer fully customized sizes and format!

The flexibility of creating your own LED Display means you control the size, format, resolution and brightness of your signs. Send us a request and we will have everything ready for you. 

4. Stand-alone Ad System

Be a market leader and take your advertising efforts to the next level with Leader LED's Standalone Advertising Display systems.

Vibrant, full-color LED display effectively advertises the message you want to deliver to your target audience. Whether it is to advertise your daily special or promote your big event, this display will capture the attention of those near and far. Single or double sided options available.  No installation is needed. 

We also provide LCD standalone ad system for indoor applications. 

5. Rental LED Displays

Get it on the "BIG SCREEN"! Leader LED Modular rental displays are great solution for:

  • Corporate Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Trade Shows
  • Live Exhibits
  • Sporting Events
  • Concerts

Rental LED panel with die-casting aluminum frame from Leader LED creates superior earning potential from multiple market segments.This highly mobile rental display system will enhance your customers experience, add to the excitement of the atmosphere and give you a fast return on your investment with increased revenue to your rental business. 

6. Cloud-based LED Window Poster

High resolution P2.5/P4indoor LED poster and high brightness double sided outdoor LED poster available to meet your display needs. 

7. Sports Venue Perimeter Display

Our sports venue LED perimeter display solutions  can be used for soccer, basketball, ice hockey, swimming and more venues.  Our products provide high level protection rating and adequate brightness to fit the needs of different venue conditions.

Smart Comparison

Direct-view LED video wall vs. LCD video wall

Direct-view LED video wall provides range of features that outshine traditional LCD technology. For the past few years, the direct-view LED video wall has grown exponentially to provide cost effective, technologically advanced solutions to a wide range of businesses. Many customers are still wondering what are the differences between a direct-view LED video wall and a LCD video wall. Following are some of the key differences between two types of video wall solutions:

  • Direct-view LED video wall provide seamless image quality while LCD video wall has bezels between LCD panels.
  • Brightness: LED video wall provides options of 800 nits to 6000 nits while most of the LCD video wall can only reach 400~500 nits.
  • Display durability - the direct-view LED video wall has a 8~10 years lifespan while LCD video wall can only last for 3~5 years.
  • LCD video wall panels require color calibration service on an annual basis to adjust the color and brightness consistency.
  • Installation site restrictions -direct-view LED video wall can adopt to various installation conditions, support flat, curved, and other surfaces.
  • Below images provide a good comparison between a LED direct-view video wall (1st image) and a LCD video wall (2nd image).