Cloud-based LED sign and graphic content editing services

The most important value for all digital signage systems are " delivering the right content to the right people in a timely manner". Leader LED Display solutions understands the challenges that our customers are facing for deploying digital signage solutions. We provide following cost effective packaged monthly service offerings to our customers to overcome the challenges and make our products and services an End-to-End solution.

  • Self managed service
  • Basic managed service plan (with 10 hours content editing services)
  • Standard managed service plan (with 20 hours content editing services)
  • Premium managed service plan (with 30 hours content editing services)

Product Warranty services

Leader LED display solutions provides warranty services to all our customers in North America. Our warranty services cover all parts (including LED modules, power supplies, controllers, fans and cables) for the systems we sold. The terms range from 3 to 5 years depend on different product lines. Service response time varies depending on customer locations.

Extended warranty services beyond 3~5 years can be purchased at anytime during the standard warranty period. Quote will be provided per your request.

To request for the detailed warranty terms of 3 to 5 years limited warranty about your LED display products, please contact us or our authorized re-sellers in your region. 

Leader LED display solutions is proud to provide high quality technical services to all our customers. Following are four major service offerings:

1. Cloud-based digital signage remote managed services

2. Video Wall project deployment services (Installation, testing, integration etc.)

3. LED video wall rental services

4. Warranty services

Our service team has more than 10 years of experiences in different industries. We strive to be more competitive and customer oriented. Our service contact info:

1) Phone: (604) 356-9826 

2) Fax: (604) 447-8647


Click below button to download the latest version of LEDSHOW software. You need to change the file extension from ".eee" to ".exe" before you can install it on your PC. This software supports Microsoft Windows version 8 and 10.  

Leader LED Video Training Series. These training lessons cover basic concept and system operational steps that you need to understand before you can use our Cloud-based digital signage management system. 

  • Lesson 1: LEDSHOW software package
  • Lesson 2: Leader Cloud introduction
  • Lesson 3: Login and user management
  • Lesson 4: Media file management
  • Lesson 5: Playlist
  • Lesson 6: Task based scheduling
  • Lesson 7: System management