Leader LED display solutions has business offices located in both British Columbia and Ontario Canada. We are proud to provide high quality LED display products and services to customers across Canada .

We are a member of SAC (Sign Association of Canada).


Our Mission Statement:

We pursue profitable growth through Superior customer services, innovation, quality and commitment!


Leader LED team members

Nelson Fang
Chief Corporate Advisor

Professor Fang has more than 20 years of experience in digital display technologies. He is currently teaching computer science courses at the Hefei University of Technology in China. His extensive knowledge and expertise include CAD/CAM, computer programming language, and digital display solutions. He founded the Leader Information Technology Co., Ltd in Hefei (China) in 1997. Just after a few years of development, the company has become a leading digital display solution provider in banking, brokerage agencies, telecom industries across multiple regions in China. He started another digital content service business – Xin Hua Rui Horizon, in 2007, and now this company has become a significant content service provider for many customers in China, including the Anhui provincial Television (AHTV).
Mr. Fang is instrumental in preparing and establishing the Leader LED display solutions in BC since the beginning of the company get started. From the product design to the business operations, Mr. Fang has provided excellent recommendations and guidance to business development.

Mark Zhao
COO (Acting CEO)
Mark has more than 20 years of business development experience in both the IT and digital sign industry. Beginning his career as a technician in electronic system design in the late 1980s, he then moved himself to the sales profession in the early 90s, aiming to pursue excellence in helping customers solving their business challenges. Later on, Mark has worked for multiple global IT giants, such as SSA, Informix, Sun Microsystems, BMC and Aspects. Mark has been with Leader LED since 2014, and he is currently managing the business operations at the Leader LED. From strategic planning, sales and marketing, to project delivery and customer services, Mark actively participates in every aspect of the business operations. He is a result-oriented manager; Mark believes that customer satisfaction is critical to the success of Leader LED's long term development.
Mark has a bachelor's degree from the Tongji University in Shanghai and also graduated from Central Michigan University with a master's degree in Management Information System.

Andy Aaron
Senior sales consultant
Andy has 35 Years of experience in the sign industry in Canada. He worked as a sales representative for two major sign manufacturers, Superior Signs and Galexi Signs in BC, for six years until starting his own company in 1986. In the following years, his primary focus has carried out the bulk of the project planning and execution. The types of projects he carried out range from storefront buildout settings to large engineered installations. Many of the projects involved coordinating multi-location installations where timing and on-time delivery were unforgiving and crucial to the project's success. LED displays formed part of many of those projects. He joined the Leader LED in 2017, and now he is focusing on supply his experience and professional approach to implement different customer projects.
Andy has a master's degree from Harding Graduate School at Memphis, Tennessee.

Leader LED display solutions has solid roots in LED display industry. For over 15 years, the parent company Leader LED Technology (China) Co. Ltd. has provided LED display solutions to thousands of customers in different industries; from small projects to extensive designs, our experiences in the field ensure the success of any type of LED display project for our clients.

As a major player in the "video wall" business since 1997, Leader LED has built a large customer base in the financial services, retail, education, and telecom industries. Our high quality products and excellent customer services are recognized by many most demanding applications.

Leader LED display solutions partners with industry leading LED display manufacturing company based in Shenzhen -China. All our products are manufactured under ISO 9001 quality standards. We only use industry top notch material and parts for our products. In addition to the high quality products, our dedicated solution experts and localized warranty support service have made us the one-stop shop for your LED message centre projects in Canada.  

(Hiring !) We are currently looking for a technical support engineer for our Richmond office. Here you can find detailed requirements.

Leader LED is a strategic partner for Nummax in western Canada.

Nummax is a Canadian company specializing in the manufacture, design and installation of both indoor and outdoor LED display products using cutting-edge technology. Nummax's LED products are of a quality and durability that is second to none. From small screens to highway sign boards, Nummax offers custom-built signage solutions that meet your needs and objectives. Nummax's head office is located in Quebec City, QC. 

Ming Li
Director for Technical service
Ming is a detail-oriented professional engineer. His 25 years of work experience derived from multiple industries helped him a lot in forming an analytical work approach. He has been working for Leader LED since 2015. Ming specializes in LED display control systems. He has worked on different types of platforms from some major vendors. He is also experienced in content creation and systems integration.
Ming also plays a key role in product design and cost management.
Ming has a bachelor's degree in Chemistry from the University of Nanking.

Ken Lai
System Engineer
Ken is one of the cofounders of the company. Ken's role is primarily focusing on technical support and hardware maintenance. Ken has knowledge and experience in system diagnostics and hardware repairs. His expertise includes LED module repair, system diagnostics and technical support. Ken has played a crucial role in some of the significant video wall projects in the past, such as the Sun Shui Hwa seafood restaurant video wall, the Floata Seafood restaurant video wall project, etc.
Ken has a bachelor's degree in electronic engineering from Beijing Polytechnic University. He has a diploma from BCIT in electronic engineering as well.

Jack Cheng
Assistant System Engineer and Cloud Admin
Jack has been working for Leader LED since 2016, and he serves as a general administrator for Leader Cloud-based content management system and providing technical support to other engineers.
Jack has a bachelor's degree in business administration from the University of Northern BC.